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  • Covid-19 Resources

Welcome to the Covid-19 Resources Page

Bucks Training Hub and Bucks CCG are working together to deliver a response to the coronavirus challenge. We have put together a list of resources covering:

  • Buckinghamshire Clarity TeamNet pages
  • Bucks CCG Updates and Information
  • COVID-19 e-learning
  • Looking after you and your colleagues
  • Remote Consulting and Working From Home


Bucks Clarity TeamNet

There have been an enormous amount of new resources added to Clarity TeamNet over the last few weeks.  These pages include key information such as:

  • Patient Care during coronavirus and what is CALM?
  • Infection Control for CALM Clinics and General Practices
  • Infection Control for Home Visiting and CALM Visiting Services
  • End of Life care during COVID-19 pandemic
  • CALM Services information for the North, City and South county regions
  • Medication Management during COVID-19
  • Staff Wellbeing page

All of this information can be accessed via the home page ‘Patient Care During Coronavirus’ within Clarity TeamNet:



Bucks CCG Updates and Information

Bucks CCG have developed a specific bulletin to brief colleagues across the county. The information can be found here:

If you don’t already have log in details, creating an account is quick and simple using your NHS email address.


Bucks COVID-19 e-learning

Take a look at the wide ranging list of elearning resources on COVID-19.  compiled by the HEE Knowledge Management team.

The RCGP has created a COVID-19 CPD Hub to support GPs in understanding and managing the coronavirus pandemic, with topics including diagnosis, ethics and keeping your practice safe. This hub will be updated daily with the latest developments and guidance.

HEE e-Learning for Healthcare have developed a Coronavirus elearning  programme which is free for all health and social care staff. The courses in the Coronavirus programme include Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Resources for Staff Working in Primary Care and Community Setting, Resources for Staff being Up-Skilled or Redeployed (Nurses and AHPs), End of Life Care COVID-19, Resources for Return to Work Healthcare Staff and Staff Wellbeing and Resilience during Covid-19. More are being added all the time – see the complete list.

BMJ Learning is providing free access to its most relevant CPD online courses to update and refresh clinical knowledge for those supporting healthcare systems. BMJ Learning Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) includes nfection control and basic personal protective equipment as well as some for those returning to practice, and on wellbeing and self care during periods of increased stress.

eIntegirty have made  their Coronavirus e-Learning Programme available free of charge. This programme brings together quality-assured content from Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare, NHS England and NHS Improvement, and the World Health Organization. The programme is suitable for those who are returning to the workforce to help during the current crisis.

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has worked with Future Learn to develop a new free to access online learning programme on COVID-19. On this course, you will learn the latest of what we know about COVID-19, presented by international experts. To access the course, please click here.

E-Learning for Healthcare have also produced a free e-learning module on COVID-19. To access this, please visit

Preceptorship COVID-19

This accelerated preceptorship guide for Health Education England, for use with newly qualified practitioners (NQPs)  and Health Care Professionals (HCP’s) on the NMC Covid-19 temporary register in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The guidance is focused on how health and care organisations pan-London can support newly qualified practitioners (NQPs) and health care professionals (HCPs) on the Covid-19 temporary register.

Training for GPs

Below is a link for the RTT sessions being run for the doctors returning to frontline patient facing work to support Covid-19.

These are aimed at doctors (trainees and consultants) who have been out of training/clinical work for some time, and are served as refresher sessions/updates on practice.   

General Practice Nurses

Information and support for Nurses working within General Practice during Covid-19 complied by Helen Irvine and Julia Taylor and for wider circulation


M&K Updates have made the following books available to access for free, which will be helpful for treating COVID-19;

Shared Learning

A COVID-19 Simulation Community is now live on the Future NHS Collaboration Platform. The forum is to encourage the health and care workforce to share experiences and examples of education and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Access the community by logging in or registering.   

Primary Care Pharmacy during COVID-19 Pandemic

The Pharmaceuticals Advisors Group (PAG) have released a document outlining the potential roles and responsibilities of pharmacy professionals in primary care during the COVID pandemic. This information is designed to assist managers and practitioners to make the best use of their resources and skill mix.

Primary care pharmacy during the COVID pandemic PCPA

MIMS have published a free learning plan which covers key recent prescribing developments in primary care, for GPs and nurses returning to practice during the coronavirus pandemic. As well as advice on COVID-19, the plan provides information on latest NICE guidance and recent changes to prescribing recommendations and clinical practice in key topic areas.

StudyPRN have made available a FREE COVID-19 Pandemic CPD resource, consisting of 10 ‘best of five’ style questions assessing your current knowledge of the condition. You will receive 1 hour of CPD on successful completion of this resource.

Trish Greenhalgh and others have published a Practice Note in BMJ to help those in general practice manage remote (telephone or video) COVID-19 consultations. In particular see the 1 page graphic on the last page.
(Ref Covid-19: a remote assessment in primary care.  BMJ 2020;368:m1182 doi: 10.1136/bmj.m1182)

Lecturio have published an online lecture giving a brief background around the science of coronavirus.

Guidelines and evidence:


Looking After You and Your Colleagues

Our NHS people are doing extraordinary things in the face of an extraordinary challenge, and so need an extraordinary level of support.

This is why the NHS nationally and locally has developed a range of wellbeing support to care for and protect all of our NHS people, whether at the front line or in supporting services.

So, from 10th April, all our NHS Colleagues will have access to a range of support (#OurNHSPeople Wellbeing Support) through one point of contact:

  • a free wellbeing support helpline 0300 131 7000, available from 7.00 am – 11.00 pm seven days a week, providing confidential listening from trained professionals and specialist advice – including coaching, bereavement care, mental health and financial help
  • a 24/7 text alternative to the above helpline – simply text FRONTLINE to 85258
  • online peer to peer, team and personal resilience support, including through Silver Cloud, and free mindfulness apps including Unmind,  Headspace Sleepio and Daylight

Other resources include

A free psychological first aid training course is now available for all NHS staff and volunteers who dealt with the public during the pandemic.

For Primary Care Staff, both Clinical and Non Clinical

The #LookingAfterYouToo individual coaching support offer for primary care staff is available for you, if you would like to talk to a highly trained and experienced coach to process your experiences and develop practical coping strategies during Covid-19.



Remote Consulting and Working From Home

NHS England have released a guide on the Principles of Safe Video Consulting in General Practice

Working From Home Tips

Below are some guides and useful links to help you if you are working from home, or are treating patients remotely.

Remote Assessment of Patients

NHS England have released a guide on the Principles of Safe Video Consulting in General Practice

Telephone Triage

Video Consultations

General Info