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Out of Hospital Management of Urinary tract Infections (UTIs) in elderly patients

Health Education England has commissioned an educational film, in collaboration with Public Health England’s Primary Care Unit on the treatment of UTIs in older adults for all out of hospital health and social care workers, introducing resources that can be used to diagnose, manage and prevent UTIs in out of hospital settings.

The film and resources are available on the e-LfH AMR site.                    

There is also a recently launched HEE film available on antimicrobial stewardship for GPs.                             

Graduate Certificate for General Practice Nurses at Bucks New University – Funded places

Health Education England- Thames Valley has funding to support nurses new to General Practice to undertake the Graduate Certificate for General Practice Nurses at Bucks New University. This programme will be delivered as a blended learning course over 9 months starting in September 2019.

This means that students will attend face to face teaching and learning at Bucks New University, High Wycombe campus and will also be expected to complete online learning over the 9 months.

The nurse will need to be supported and assessed by suitably qualified and experienced colleagues in practice in developing a portfolio of practice.

HEE Thames Valley will provide funding for the course fees only.

For further details of the course please go to: here!

If you have recently employed or are considering employing a nurse new to general practice who has NOT completed any clinical competencies and would wish to undertake this course please contact Zoe Berry- Primary Care Nurse Lead as soon as possible.


Bucks Training Hub has started to launch new Groups (Forums) as part of new ways of working in Buckinghamshire. Other forums such as HCA’s, Practice Managers, Paramedics, and Pharmacists will also be launched in the new year. These forums will be a great place to be able to share ideas, knowledge as well as resources. These forums will be virtual (website portal) and also physical where small groups of staff can meet over lunch, funded by Bucks Training Hub.

Firstly we are going to start working with Lead Nurses within you’re practices. We would greatly appreciate it if you could please send us the name and email address of your lead nurse within your practice.

We believe that these forums will be great place for the staff to voice their needs regarding training and development and also share. These workshops will be run by the leads in all the different professions and supported by the Training Hub.

New Education Standards

Dear colleague Following the publication of our new education standards on 17 May, we’re delighted to invite you to a webinar on Thursday 7 February 2019 from 12:00 to 13:00.

The aim of this webinar is explore the roles of the practice and academic assessor in more depth. I’ll be hosting the webinar along with my colleague, Rachel Mawby. We’ll give a brief overview of the relevant standards and their meaning and will then take questions from people on the webinar.

We’d be grateful if you could forward this invitation to your key practice learning partners and also to your programme leaders.

Register for this webinar here.

We hope you or a representative will be able to join us, and please do share this invite widely. You can also test to see if your system is ready for webinars. I’d also like to take this opportunity to let you know that over the next six months we’ll be producing a rolling set of content to help you implement the new standards. This will include further webinars, regular blogs on key themes and issues, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

This will be placed on our website, and also disseminated through our newsletters and social media. If you haven’t signed up to our newsletters, you can register to receive them here. If you have any questions or themes you’d like us to explore, please email:

For more information on the changes please also refer to this page here.

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