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Welcome to the Bucks Training Hub nurses page. We believe we have something for everyone, whether your a General Practice Nurse, Student, Advanced Nurse Practitioner or District Nurse there will be something of interest for you on this page.


Careers in General Practice Nursing

Buckinghamshire is an exciting place to study, live and work in nursing with a wide range of opportunities available for you to explore. In Bucks we recognise nurses to be an important part of delivering care in general practice. An increasing shift of care from hospitals to general practice provides nurses with a really exiting career choice.

Bucks Training Hub is constantly working on programmes and events to strengthen the nursing workforce together with the local Buckinghamshire CCG.
Career path and progression
You could specialise in health promotion, chronic disease management, diabetes or asthma care. With experience and qualifications you could become a nurse practitioner, managing your own caseload of patients. You could also move into management, teaching or research.
For more information on careers in General Practice nursing please click here

 General Practice Nursing Ten Point Action Plan (GPN10 pp)

The GPFV published in April 2016 pledged a major expansion of the primary care workforce which includes GPNs. In addition in March 2017, HEE published General Practice Nursing Workforce Development Plan – Recognise, Rethink and Reform. This included a series of recommendations for organisations that can influence the general practice nursing workforce.

General Practice – Developing confidence, capability and capacity: a ten point action plan for General Practice Nursing responds to both these documents supported by the £15 million investment described in the GPFV.

It is designed to provide a highly-skilled GPN workforce that includes both registered nurses and non-registered HCSWs. The plan is aimed at,

  • raising the profile of general practice nursing as a first destination career
  • improving access to training
  • increasing the number of preregistration nurse placements and enhancing retention
  • supporting return to work schemes for practice nurses and developing a career pathway for GPNs and HCSWs.

This GPN Ten Point Action Plan describes the actions needed as part of expanding the capacity and capability across the whole primary care workforce. This will enable us to manage more people’s health closer to home. It will also build GPN capability to support improved and innovative approaches to delivering health and wellbeing.

This plan will support general practices to work at scale and in ‘hubs’ or networks as described in the Next Steps on The Five year Forward View (2017). It will provide fresh opportunities for GPN teams to develop skills and advance their careers thereby assisting with recruitment and retention of the workforce and easing GPs’ workload. click here for more



NMC RevalidationRevalidation is the new process that all nurses and midwives in the UK will need to follow to maintain their registration with the NMC.

Taking effect from April 2016, revalidation is straightforward and will help you as a nurse or midwife demonstrate that you practice safely and effectively. It will encourage you to reflect on the role of the Code in your practice and demenstrte that you are ‘living’ the standards set out within it.

What you need to do – click here

As part of the Training Hub forums, support and guidance for Buckinghamshire nurses will be provided in the Groups or Forums.


Return to Practice

Has your NMC registration lapsed as a result of a career break, change in circumstance or you have been unable to meet the renewal requirements for revalidation?

Are you thinking of ‘Returning to Practice’?

Please use this link here


Pre-registrration student placements

With a significant proposition of the practice nurses approaching retirement age in Buckinghamshire and the challenging recruitment for practice nurses. Help us increase the recruitment of nurses in general practice and encouraging a new wave of nurses through pre-registration nursing placements.

In order to secure the future workforce, Bucks Training Hub aims to work with General Practices to offer more placement opportunities in 2019. Hosting nurses and other types of student placement such as paramedics can enable you to identify potential future employees, and raise the profile of primary care as a nursing or paramedic career destination. This will provide the newly qualified professionals an understanding of the reality and benefits of their career choice.

Bucks Training Hub is working with Bedfordshire University and others to increase the number of student placements for adult nursing and paramedics.

Becoming a placement provider, you do NOT need to be a training practice, this provides you with the opportunity to also work in partnership with local High Education Institutes like Bedfordshire University and Bucks New University to develop a skilled and effective workforce which will meet your needs now and the future.

Benefits Include:

  • Encouraging a culture of learning
  • Opportunity to employ a newly qualified professional
  • Attracting staff with the right values
  • Enabling nurses to provide evidence of CPD
  • Receiving help from our lead nurses and practices who have been or continue to provide placements
  • Receive support from the Universities and Bucks Training Hub


If you are interested or want to know more, please feel free to contact us we will be happy to have a conversation with you how you could get involved.


GP Nurse forums

Bucks Training Hub offers Groups and forums for General Practice Nurses. Please visit our Groups page and search for either Lead Nurse group or General Nurse group. Please note, you much be a member of Staff practicing in Buckinghamshire to join these groups/forums and must be registered member of this website.


Latest Updates From

NMC Standards for prescribers and standards for medicines management

In May 2018 we published new standards of proficiency for nurses, which describe what nurses need to know and be able to do to access our register. We also published new education and training standards for nurses, midwives and nursing associates. These are the standards that set out how the standards of proficiency should be taught. The standards will come into effect on 28 January 2019.

Ahead of this, we also wanted to update you on our new standards for nurse and midwife prescribers and on the withdrawal of our standards for medicines management. These changes also come into effect on 28 January.

Our current prescriber standards are being replaced by two new documents: the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s A Competency Framework for All Prescribers and our new Standards for prescribing programmes. Our current prescribing standards and circulars will remain available for education and research purposes only for a transition period until September 2020

For more information or updates please refer to the following page, click here

Pre-registration Student Placement NMC Changes

  1. NMC SLAiP standards will cease to apply The term ‘mentor’ will no longer be used and the traditional role of a mentor will change
  2. The sign-off mentor role will cease to exist in its current form Practice learning and support of students will officially be the responsibility of every registered practitioner, as stipulated in the NMC Code (2015)
  3. The 40% mentor- student contact requirements will be removed Triennial review will no longer be a requirement Other registered professionals (non-nurses / midwives) will participate in the supervision of students
  4. Triennial review will no longer be a requirement
  5. Other registered professionals (non-nurses / midwives) will participate in the supervision of students

For more details refer to our students page and NMC page

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